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Family Self Defence Castle Hill

Fun and Effective Self Defence Classes for the entire family

At Family Self Defence Castle Hill, we foster personal growth for all ages—from children to adults—under the expert guidance of Master Evan and Master Marga. Our programs address challenges like lack of confidence, discipline, and concentration, leading to remarkable transformations.

For children, we offer a nurturing environment to develop physical and life skills, building confidence, discipline, and focus through age-appropriate instruction and positive reinforcement.

Teens benefit from martial arts training by channeling their energy constructively, developing self-discipline, and sharpening their concentration skills, aiding in academic and personal success.

Adults improve physical fitness, learn self-defence, and enhance overall well-being. Consistent training builds confidence, discipline, and focus, empowering them to navigate life's challenges.

Join Family Self Defence Castle Hill to unlock your full potential with our comprehensive martial arts training.


Meet The Team

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