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Beginners Martial Arts Class



Kids Martial Arts Classes from 3 yrs at  Parramatta & Castle Hill

   Dear Parents:

  • Is your child reserved in social settings?

  • Do other children tend to overpower or bully your child?

  • Does your child struggle to maintain focus or stay still?

  • Is your child lacking in confidence and self-esteem?

  • Are you dealing with a lack of discipline and messiness?

  • Does your child face challenges with coordination?

  • Is your child struggling with physical fitness?

    Unlock your child's potential with our tailored solutions.

Our kids’ martial arts instructors are trained specifically to teach children from the age of 3

Many of our new enrolees came from referrals as people gave good feedback about our kids’ martial arts program.

The benefits of Kids Martial Arts program in Family Self Defence Academy begins with the body extending to the mind, spirit, and soul. Concerted effort in daily drills helps younger children to develop their gross motor skills and coordination through repetition of precise motions based on martial arts techniques.

For children with ages ranging from 3 to 5, we lay the groundwork by offering fun games and activities before the actual training to not leave young children bored or overwhelmed.

Children in a slightly older age group begin to learn the basics of discipline, diligence, and perseverance by participating in more advanced and more challenging drills.

In all cases, the primary goal of our instructors is to help kids develop fundamental skills they will need in all future training, rather than going straight to full range of martial arts techniques right at the very beginning.

In addition to its intrinsic value, Kids Martial Arts program has the potential to help young kids in a variety of other activities— sports, gymnastics, and dance— that will enhance their physical strength and ability to move the body in a coordinated fashion. Family Self Defence’s training course is an ideal way to help instill those abilities in children as young as 3 years old.

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